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the Minster Lovell experience

Minster Lovell is a village and civil parish on the River Windrush about 2.5 miles (4.0 km) west of Witney in Oxfordshire.

The team is working on a series of projects to record the village history, involving as many residents and ex-residents as possible.

What’s happening?

We have created:

  • A book of war veterans (2016) and two books on village history
  • A 30 minute film on the history of the village, starring numerous residents in costume, narrated by Nathaniel Parker
  • A set of two DVDs containing photos, family trees, documents, stories, war dead, monumental inscriptions, maps and much more on the village.

We are continuing to work on:

  • Analysing Oxfordshire DNA and researching Oxfordshire surnames
  • A giant village family tree
  • A map of the whole village with names of families who lived in each house from medieval times to the present day
  • Helping to document the village – including adding missing names to the war memorial.

The books and DVDs are available to buy from this website to support further research.

Do you have Minster Lovell ancestors? Contribute to our project and join in the DNA testing.

Want to know what we are doing? Check out the blog.

See the events page for an update on what is happening, including talks and outings with the History Club.


We need Oxfordshire males whose surname was in the county before 1875 to buy a DNA test for an Oxfordshire research project. See the blog for details.

New book published on those who served in the military in the 20th century. Now 3 books available to buy.

If you have Oxfordshire ancestry going back before 1875, there is a DNA sale on until midnight on Valentine's Day at