We are looking for:

  • Family trees of Minster Lovell residents from the middle ages to 20th century
  • Any stories of life in Minster Lovell from residents/previous residents. If you are willing to be interviewed, even better!
  • Photos, documents or objects relating to Minster Lovell that we can copy/photograph and return.

We have a team of villagers researching village families who will be grateful for any information you have.

Please contact us with details of what you can share or would like us to search.Please note that the information gathered will eventually be accessible to the public, so please ensure you have the copyright for any copyrightable material sent to us and permission to publish your information.

Some common surnames in Minster Lovell: Basson, Beale, Bennett, Bishop, Blake, Bridgeman, Busby, Butler, Carpenter, Clapton, Coombes, Cooper, Cox, Cross, Dalton, Farmer, Green, Harris, Hearne, Holloway, Hunt, Lock, Mobey, Norridge, Parker, Pratley, Price, Smith, Townsend, Tufrey, Wheeler, Wyatt


History Day event 21st August 2010 – see blog for how it went.

Interesting fact:

Did you know that Minster Lovell once had a police constable called Baker and a baker called Constable?